Vegetable Fats

Vegetable/Cooking Cream

Margarine Butter

Margarine Maestra Mass Balance 80% with 5% butter essence is ideal alternative and economical solution in use of milk butter. Without preservatives and artificial flavorings is based on ingredients form certified supplied chains RSPO.

Industrial Fats 100%

  • CBS - Cocoa Butter Substitutes (melting point 33-35° C)
  • HPKO - Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil Fats (melting point 38-41° C)
  • RBD - Coconut Oil (melting point 23-29° C)
  • Palm Oil (melting point 32-38° C)
  • Special Industrial Use Fats


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Industrial Fats in Powder

  • Coconut Fats 80% in powder
  • Palm Oil Fats 80% in powder


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