Bean to Bar Lines

BEAN TO BAR complete production lines for artisan chocolate from Italian company Packint s.r.l.

We cooperate with one of the most reputable companies in chocolate machines production from artisan to an industrial level.

A few words for Pakint ...

Packint Chocolate Machines has been operating in the food industry since 1992, directly or through other brands worldwide. Packint headquarters are located in the north of Italy, in Borgo Priolo, 40 km south of Milan, where the manufacture of the machines takes place and also is available a complete pilot plant from cacao beans to chocolate bars and chips for tests and training. We also have a branch with an assistance point for North America and a complete bean to bar showroom and a spare parts warehouse in Deer Park, New York, USA.

More than 50 years of experience in the food industry, manufacture with all-Italian technology and design, the choice of the best materials and components from Europe and Japan, the international sales and assistance network, all come together to make of Packint an extremely dynamic and competitive company.

Over the years, Packint has successfully earned the trust of an extensive customer base, ranging from small ice cream producers to large chocolate makers, to craft bean to bar manufacturers. The machines and the services perfectly meet with the most varied demands: from the individual ball mill for small chocolate or spread cream production, to fully automatic process lines. The company is also a partner of some other important manufacturing companies operating in industrial equipment for chocolate, ice-cream, and bakery.




Bean to bar lines ART includes all the possible elements to fulfill the production of the highest quality artisan chocolate.



Press here to download the brochure


 Press here to download the brochure


Simple ingredients for great creations

Starting from cocoa beans you can produce extraordinary chocolates 

Starting from the hazelnuts and other nuts you can produce delicious spread creams


Packint organizes seminars on the production of Artisan Bean to Bar Chocolate from cocoa beans, or for Industrial Chocolate from cocoa mass and butter, at its productive showrooms in Italy, USA, Colombia,  Perù and Philippines.