Greek Pastry Products

Wafers Rolls & Filled wafers

  • Wafer rolls
  • Chocolate Filled wafers
  • Crispy chocolate wafer rolls
  • Chocolate rolls with sprinkles
  • Surtcrust Tarts
  • Biscuit crumbles

Premium Tarts Palm Free

Exceptional premium tarts based on Greek Traditional recipes and inspired from new healthy trends as palm free. Modern design with vertical edges and trendy flavors as Red Velvet and Oreo biscuit. Margarine or butter, all our tarts are delicious!   





Greek Bakery & Pastry Mixes

We can supply the best bakery and pastry mixes inspired from Greek Tradition fully adopted to the habits of Greek people.

Try the Traditional Greek pastry "Tsoureki" origin from Konstantinoupolis and the famous "Koulouri of Thessaloniki".

Have great success using the Special delicious low-cost cake for Hotels, using only oil and water!