Brokering & Agency Services

  • Through Procurement Outsourcing Services Ciento Luna provides, our customers transfer specified key procurement activities relating to sourcing and supplier management.
  • As a result reduce overall costs and tighten the company focus on its core competencies. With Indirect Procurement Services our customers minimize procurement costs maximizing the profits.
  • Our Procurement research helps organizations optimize their global procurement operations by providing comprehensive insights into their non-core spend across the Source-to-Pay (S2P) cycle.
  • Dealing with Producers and Customers, Ciento Luna act as a trustee third party facilitating smooth, profitable and reliable deals between business partners. The role of business hub, highlights Ciento Luna as a Strategic Partner for Factories, Wholesalers and Distributors.
Business Procurement Outsourcing Services

Business Procurement Outsourcing Services

Business Procurement & Export Outsourcing Services provided by Ciento Luna cover all Procurement & Export needs for Industries and guarantee the best possible results in the regions of Europe, The Middle East, Noth Africa and Asia. We focus on customer target groups indicated by our partners facilitating business relationships and sales increase. A unique and permanent target is customer satisfaction building sustainable strong business relationships. 

Integrated Procurement Services for Food Ingredients specialized in Pastry & Bakery include :

  • Market Surveys
  • Competition Analysis
  • Product Technical Specification Analysis
  • Financial Statements Analysis
  • New trends in the global market
  • Best Product Quality
  • Reduced price offerings 

Vertical Exhibition Services

With Vertical Exhibition Services Ciento Luna provides, customers will be always updated with the recent trends of the market introducing leading ideas for early adopters. 

Personalized Consulting Services

Personalized Consulting Services we offer to our clients differentiate Ciento Luna enhancing business opportunities covering all customer needs. 

Consulting Services for Machinery for Pastry & Bakery Business Sector

Consulting Services for Machinery specialized for Ice cream, Pastry & Bakery Business Sector, manage individual requirements facilitating communication with reliable and innovative machinery factories in Europe and else were. 

Promotional Services

Promotional Services in the region of Poland and the Balkans for the factories/partners provided by Ciento Luna, widening sales target markets and increase sales complying with their strategic and marketing planning for expansion. Web site design & social media promotion services provided.

Special Services for food Industry

Ciento Luna provides Special Services for food Industries in order to cover individual needs for new product development or improvement on existing production lines.


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We guarantee cooperation between trustee suppliers & reliable customers facilitating business relationships